Artist Statement

 artist statement. 2019.


dancer . choreographer . organizer . witness

My body, my identity, my beliefs and my experiences

are my tools and my art.

I am an artist of movement,

an organizer of artists.

I make and express with and through myself:

 a soft and strong

 female body;

a woman/daughter/sister

from the freshwater fields and deafening snow drifts of Northern Michigan;

 a dancer

 (per)formed by years of patterned practice in temperamental pointe shoes, calloused bare feet,

 steady willfulness and inexplicable longing.

Sometimes my making and organizing manifests as

weakness, fragility and vulnerability;

as suppression—

as lack,

as “less than,”

as thirst for self-curated beauty.

Sometimes my making and organizing emerges as

athletic rigor, rippling muscles and bullet-proof resilience.

What I am is what I make:

soft & strong/vulnerable & resilient.

I create with and through my body because

moving is clarity.

When I am moving,

I trust my breath;

I trust the tremble and ache in my swollen thighs.

When I am moving,

I see my creased palm

caress the air; I see the

urgency in their eyes.

When I am moving,

I am available for total exertion/exhaustion

and the crisp satisfaction of solution;

I find resistance against the flesh of warm bodies and

press the vibrating floor away from my body.

In my creative work as a mover, organizer and witness

I am agitated

by the maddening tangle of past and present

expressed through bodies.  

As someone who leans insecurely towards things that promise security,

I crave and search for fragments of “is” and “was” as I create—


am quenched strangely by experiential half-answers and subtle winks

that I alone catch/desire;

that movement alone provokes/questions.

Embodied movement is somehow both

essence and ambiguity—

a confusion that is always becoming

my clarity.